Get ahead with our French and English GCSE revision bundle! Our expert teachers and examiners have developed comprehensive courses designed to help you succeed in both subjects. With our on-demand learning platform, you can study at your own pace and on your own schedule. Our downloadable practice revision materials will help you hone your skills and feel confident on exam day.

By purchasing our French and English GCSE revision bundle, you can save time and money while preparing for both exams. This bundle is perfect for students who want to improve their language skills and enhance their career prospects. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get ahead and succeed in your GCSE exams!

GCSE English Tutor

Meet your GCSE English Tutor

Matthew is an expert in GCSE English Language and Literature. He's a qualified teacher and GCSE examiner, who has been helping students revise for over 20.

He developed and presents the course you're purchasing, so you get his expert explanations and guidance throughout the on-demand course.

Meet your GCSE French Tutor

You will learn so much more that French vocabulary with this course. Claire is a native French speaker and has been tutoring for over 10 years, her focus is to help you understand conjugasion and grammar - the building blocks of any language.

She has many tips and easy ways to remember the important aspects for French language, which has helped students consistly improve their predicted grades, build confidence with the langauge and fully understand the high scoring topics.

GCSE French Tutor

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get full access to both courses for £33?

Yes. You'll have 18 months access to the hours of on-demand video, so you can revise the subjects critical to your exam success.

You receive all the videos, download materials and can access the course from any connected device.

Why do I need a revision course?

It's always helpful for students to have access to quality revision materials and guidance, especially when preparing for important exams like the GCSEs.

Our courses are for students who are in need of extra support or are looking for additional resources to supplement their classroom learning.

If you are struggling with the subjects in this bundle, you'll benefit from adding these videos to your structured revision plans.